JOIN ME is a new player in the market, which not only focuses on Self-Storage, but that focuses mainly on SELF OFFICE. At JOIN ME it is possible to rent a flex desk, office space or meeting room per hour, day, week or month. With this, JOIN ME responds well to the changes in the market, where companies do not always want to have their own fixed location.

SC Solutions was allowed to step into this new world, where we took care of the automation and security. From keypads at the entrance, to camera systems, recording recorders, electric locks, Boxwatchers and light and lift switches. We were also allowed to supply the barriers and the Smart Access app. These are now used with great success by tenants and managers, making a completely unmanned flex office possible.




2020:     Haarlem (Flex Office)

2022:     Amsterdam (Self Storage)

2022:     Amsterdam (Flex Office)