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Individual unit protection, specially developed for Self-Storage: The Boxwatcher. 

How do you secure the goods stored by your customers? That is a question that is often asked about Self-Storage. SC Solutions came up with a solution for this: the Boxwatcher. With more than 10 years of development, many installations throughout Europe and a large re-design in 2017, the patented Boxwatcher is the best security system for Self-Storage.

What does a boxwatcher do?

The Boxwatcher is a motion sensor that with the aid of infrared light, constantly looks at movement in storage units. Each storage unit is equipped with its own Boxwatcher. The observed movements are transmitted to the access system. If it concerns a movement of a tenant who has just entered the storage unit with his access badge, pincode or smartphone, the movement will be stored in the system, but no alarm will follow. If it concerns a perceived movement, while no access is granted by access badge, pincode or smartphone, the alarm will take effect.

The duration and different phases of the alarm can be set entirely according to your wishes. It is also possible to send an alarm to e-mail addresses and security companies. Boxwatchers are also light-sensitive, respond to any form of sabotage, and come with their own internal microprocessor.

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Cb160 Sc Solutions

CB 160

Our Boxwatchers, which are inside the storage units, are all connected to a CB 160. A total of 160 Boxwatchers can be installed on one CB 160. If a self-storage facility has more than 160 storage units, more CB 160’s will be used. There are virtually no limits to this. Whether it is a self-storage facility with 50 or 5000 units, Boxwatcher can be easily installed in any facility.

SC Acces and Smartphone app

Boxwatchers are fully integrated in our own SC Access software system. In this system you can view, adjust and manage all settings. Various logs can also be viewed and exported.

What is experienced in the market as very pleasant is the fact that SC Access has a smartphone application: an app on your phone. Through this app, incoming alarms can be viewed and alarms can be deactivated if necessary.

Sc Solutions Boxwatcher App
Led Display


Because the Boxwatcher has extra inputs, different sensors can be connected to each Boxwatcher.

• Temperature sensors

• Air humidity sensors

• Water leakage sensors

• Fire / smoke detection

The results of the sensors can be displayed in the self-storage via an information display.

Fully integrated within:


Activate and deactivate boxwatchers by pincode with keypads.

SC Access

Manage the entire Boxwatcher system through our Boxwatcher software.

Third party software

Link Boxwatchers to storage units in self-storage software packages like Store-IT/Store365, Space manager by Radical Systems and 6Storage.


SC Access app

Deactivate alarms and check alarm logs.

Unmanned systems

Boxwatchers are fully integrated into our Unmanned self-storage systems.

Access badges

Activate and deactivate Boxwatchers with (proximity) access badges.


Boxwatcher Network Sc Solutions