Door Contacts

Security systems for Self-Storage: Magnetic door contacts

A lot of Self-Storages offer small units and cubic meter boxes. For these smaller storage spaces where tenants will not go inside, SC Solutions has developed Magnetic door contacts.

Magnetic door contacts are easy to install and can be added to any SC Access system by SC Solutions. They can also easily work in combination with Boxwatchers. All the magnetic door contacts come together inside our Mux Cabinet. The Mux cabinet is placed on a central location inside the Self-Storage. A Mux can hold up to 128 magnetic door contacts, and the amount of Muxes can be increased without a limit.

Magnetic Door Contacts Sc Solutions

How do door contacts work?

Magnetic door contacts are very simple devices. One magnet is placed on the door frame, and a second magnet is placed on the door. When the door is in a closed position, the magnets will be close to each other and they will “see” each other. When the magnets see each other, the system knows that the door is in a closed position. When the door is opened, and the magnets do not see each other anymore, the system will know that the door has been opened.

When a tenant has deactivated her alarm  by entering your pincode, proximity tag, or by using your smartphone the systems will automatically turn off the alarm on the storage unit. When the tenant leaves, the alarm will be turned on again. This can be done manually, by time or automatically.