Reliable, simple, practical: specially developed for self-storage.

The keypads from SC Solutions have proven their service for many years thanks to their user-friendliness, simplicity and durability. With a standard illuminated pinpad, optional proximity reader and internal peak camera. 

Keypad CPC4

  • Stainless steel keyboard
  • Vandal-proof
  • Proximity reader
  • LCD display
  • IP Pinhole camera
  • Local memory

Keypad CPC5

  • Stainless steel keyboard
  • Vandal-proof
  • NFC reader
  • LCD display
  • IP Pinhole camera
  • Local memory

Illuminated display


Our keypads have an illuminated display on which various messages or instructions can be displayed. Our display offers space for two lines of text. Which announcements or instructions you want to appear in the display at what time can be set in our software.

Detail Keypad1 300x225

High security


There is the possibility to operate via the so-called high security protocol, whereby our keypads also offer the possibility of using a proximity badge or card in addition to the pincode option. We call this a two-stage security. In addition to entering a pincode, you must also offer an access badge before access is granted. It is even possible to build in a peak camera, so you can always see who is using the keypad. As a customer you decide which options you want to use.

Keypads Proximity Badge Sc Solutions 300x300

Casings and pillars

The keypads from SC Solutions have a sleek stainless steel front plate. They can be supplied with various casings, all of which have a grey powder coating finish, in order to increase vandal and weather resistance.
Keypad Behuizingen Mid Jpg

Keypads, vandal and weather resistant

Within the Self-Storage our keypads are usually placed in a stainless steel surface mounted casing, which is mounted on the wall. We also offer the possibility to place the keypad in a built-in casing or in on a pillar. We also supply rain caps, if desired.
Keypads Intercom Camera Sc Solutions 268x300

Intercom and peak-camera's


Keypads are often installed in combination with intercoms. Intercoms provide a speak-listen connection between two places, by intercom and/or telephone.

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A small camera can be installed inside the keypad. This will allow you to see who is entering the Self-Storage.

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SC Access Software

The keypads from SC Solutions are linked to our access control software package SC Access. All customer data are entered within SC Access, with each visitor receiving their own access rights. Managing when tenants are allowed to enter the building and at what times is all configured effortlessly. 

Within SC Access, all access details are logged so that you can get a good view of how often and at what times tenants have been granted access to the self-storage. This way you always keep an overview of the movements of your tenants within your Self-Storage building.

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Integration with ACCESS System

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