Access control for Self-storage: Intercoms

Of course you want to know who is trying to enter your facility before you grant someone access. SC Solutions has various kinds of intercom and accessibility systems in her program that can establish communication links.

When you want a simple speech connection between an entrance and the office or reception, an intercom system would suffice. If you also want to grant access through the intercom, an accessibility system would be the right system.

Our intercom and accessibility systems are vandal-proof and are made out of stainless steel while the electronics are build deep inside, and taken out of reach from possible burglars.

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Intercom & accessibility systems

It is possible to connect the intercom system to your telephone system so that it can be reached by landlines and mobile phones. The telephone interface has a memory space for 8 programmable telephone numbers. A series of numbers can be programmed per intercom: if the first number is engaged, or isn’t answered, the telephone interface will automatically call the next number in the series.

By pressing the “#” button on the telephone during the connection, the door, barrier or gate can be opened. In case of an emergency, operators will also be able to open the access locations. This means greater flexibility and improved accessibility.

The devices vary in size, design and functions. All of them are weather-proof, vandal resistant and fitted with a stainless steel front.

The intercom and accessibility systems are supplied by our sistercompany C.A.T. Control Systems, which has been developing these systems since 1997.

Intercom network

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