Access control for Self-Storage: Barriers 

A Self-Storage site often has long opening times that often fall outside office hours. A barrier will grant access to those that have permission, at any time of the day. SC Solutions makes barriers for every situation. Characteristics are the robust design and clean lines. The housing is made of stainless steel and coated with a polyester powder coating. The barriers can be ordered in any RAL color.


SC Solutions barriers are usually installed by our own mechanics, but this can also be carried out in combination with a local installer. They can be provided with any length. The maximum length is 6 meters. The special eccentric, reduction gear and double bearing u-fork guarantee a flawless access control system.

Barriers with 20+ years of development

The barriers are provided by our sistercompany C.A.T. Control Systems, which has been developing these systems since 1997

Barriers can be outfitted with:


Slagboom Fundatie

We recommend using our Modular Prefab System for the foundations.

Catch poles

SC Solutions has carefully researched various catch pole options, and can provide 4 different options.

The catch poles are available in fixed or folding types, with or without magnetic lock option. The catch poles are compatible with all SC Solutions barriers and can be ordered in any RAL color.



This catch pole is placed in a fixed set-up. The pole is height-adjustable by a spindle adjustment. The advantage of this height adjustment is that the catch pole height can be adjusted to the barrier arm’s height. This is important because the barrier is regularly placed on a
flight hill or sidewalk while the catch pole is directly attached to the road section.



By using the folding pole your area will always by well accessible, even for wide transport. When the pole is unlocked it can be folded or removed.

Magnetic locks

Both the fixed and the folding catch pole can be ordered with a magnetic lock. With this electromagnetic lock, the arm can never be lifted off the catch pole in a closed position.