Smart Access Tenant

Smart Access application for tenants

In addition to the news Smart Access app for managers, unmanned systems and as a new access control system, SC Solutions has developed the Self-Storage tenant app.

With the app, tenants can now:

  • Open Access locations
  • Open Self-Storage unit doors
  • (Re)-activate alarms
  • Elevator Access

How does the app Smart Access Tenant work?

  1. After a tenant books a storage space, he or she will receive a text message with a link to download the Self-Storage tenant app, together with a verification code.

*When the link is clicked, tenants will automatically be brought to their phones app store, where they simply need to click on install.

Self Storage App Unmanned Tenant Sc Solutions (1)
  1. The tenant enters this verification code into the Self-Storage tenant app.

*When the app is downloaded, entering the verification code is the first thing that will be prompted.

  1. The app will automatically know who the tenants is, what storage unit they have, and what access locations the tenant has access to.

*Because of this, tenants will only be allowed to enter access locations, that you gave them access to. These rights can always be changed.

  1. Tenants will be able to open doors to get into the Self-Storage building and use the elevator, if this is permitted, and open their storage unit doors.

*Tenants will be able to give other apps access to their storage unit.

Self Storage App Sc Solutions Boxwatcher
  1. Tenants store their goods, close their door and leave the Self-Storage building, using the app again at the building exit.

Download the app!

Apple: Click here

Android: Click here

Manager version

The smartphone app Smart Access Tenant has another version that is specially designed for Self-Storage managers and employees. Click the link for more information about the Smart Access Manager.