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SC Solutions

Specialist in access management

Every site for self storage requires its own solution. Whether it is a small site with 30 storage spaces or a large site with more than 400 storage spaces, SC Solutions has a great solution for every situation. We are specialists in providing a reliable and certainly high-quality access and security system according to your wishes. Where unmanned solutions are also possible. Because we specialize in combining hardware and software, we can personalize our products for you, so that there is always a ready-made solution for your self storage.

Would you like to have access to your site and your self-storage branch properly and precisely arranged? Do you find the appearance and ease of use important? Then we are happy to help you with our barriers, keypads and options for unmanned systems.
Many self storage branches preceded you.

How great would it be when you will only need to go to your Self-Storage for checkups and cleaning? How would it be to have a completely automated and unmanned Self-storage?


If you want to offer your tenants a sense of security, we are happy to help you with that. We have options for camera security inside or outside your branch. In addition, we have great solutions for the security of the units, with box watchers and door contacts.
We offer options for generating a 3-phase alarm.

Access Control, Software & Security Systems

SC Solutions offers high end access control, software and security systems for the European Self-Storage market. Through our strength in the combination between hard and software, we can specialize and personalize our systems for every individual client.

“SC Solutions is the only European company in selfstorage that developes, designs, manufactures and installs it’s own solutions”